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2023 has been a year!

I have been working 2 jobs most of the year, my regular job with iT Support Services, and part-time at my new job at Adventures in Missions. February saw me at Mission Leader training in Gainsville GA, followed by a few days of staff time with the short-term missions team. I led mission trips in Chicago, Alaska, and Puerto Rico over the summer. In the fall, Roger and I decided to close iT Support Services so that I can focus all of my attention on Adventures in Missions, and so Roger can spend more time with his family. I am excited to (mostly) be working only one job at the start of the year.

The fall saw me taking on new responsibilities at Adventures in Missions. I am responsible for coordinating and setting up all trips to Alaska, coordinating trips to Cuba, and coordinating all of the Ambassador trips this year. I am excited to be tackling new challenges and new responsibilities in the new year.

Lynn is working hard (as usual) in her work at the church. She had the chance to visit Jessi in Idaho over the summer, and enjoy the Mission Northwest leadership retreat in Post Falls in the fall. 

She is busy planning a local Port Angeles mission project for 2024, and is continuing her studies (a LOT of reading) to be fully ordained in her ministry. 

Caleb finished 10th grade and started 11th this year. He is taking part in the WA Running Start program, so all of his classes are at the local junior college instead of at the high school, and he loves it. He worked his first 2 jobs this year, janitoring at the church for the first half of the year, and working construction over the summer. He purchased his first car last month and is enjoying all of the freedom that being a 17-year-old with a car affords. He was invited to audition and was accepted to the Symphonic choir at the high school, so he will be starting that in the 2nd semester.

Jordan finished 8th grade and started high school this year. She decided that she would rather attend the public high school than OCS high school, and so far she is doing pretty well. She took part in the fall musical playing the part of the lead silly girl in Beauty and the Beast. She started the school year in the freshman choir (treble choir) but she auditioned and was accepted into the more advanced symphonic choir for the 2nd semester. Jordan is looking forward to her upcoming audition for The Little Mermaid presented by Ghostlight Productions.

2024 is shaping up to be a busy year for us as well! Lynn is joining me at mission leader training in February. Then I am leading a trip to Puerto Rico at the end of February, and another to New York at the end of March. I will probably have a few more over the summer, but those have not been assigned yet. Then Lynn, Caleb, and I are taking part in the local mission project that Lynn is organizing here in Port Angeles in August, and Jordan is planning on going to South Texas in July for an Ambassador trip. We’re joining the Elrich and Mayes families at Bear Lake in Utah in June. In between all of that, there will probably be theatre, concerts, and other events to fill all of our spare time. And if we don’t have anything to do, you’ll probably find us out at Lake Crescent paddleboarding or kayaking.

We love you all, and hope that 2024 brings you many blessings!