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As 2023 draws to a close, my tenure with iT Support Services is also coming to an end. I have been working with Roger at iT Support Services for close to 10 years, so it is a bittersweet ending. While I have thoroughly enjoyed our work, I am excited for this new work that God has called me to.

As most of you know, part of employment with Adventures in Missions involves raising missionary support ensuring that when money is donated to a specific cause or trip, that money goes to that cause or trip and not to pay employee salaries.  I am currently only at about 45% of my support goal, which could mean that I come on staff at a reduced salary (for the time being) which would leave a significant gap in our monthly budget.  But I have faith that God will provide. 

Adventures in Missions will work with me to make sure my family has what it needs.  But more importantly, God will not let us go without!  The other week I was doing a listening prayer exercise, and I clearly felt God tell me that He was going to provide for our needs, but not in the way that we were expecting.  This was the 2nd time I had felt something similar from the Lord, and I know He will be faithful to His Word.  Still, it is hard to know how much God is expecting me to do, and how much God wants me to accept on faith.

God is so good, that He has continued to reassure me that I am in His thoughts, and He has a plan to care for and provide for our family.  Last weekend we attended a prayer meeting with a pastor with the spiritual gift of prophecy.   He said the word he had for me was something he had never heard before.  He said, “The Lord will take your spiritual wealth, and transform it into natural abundance so that He can accomplish His works in you.”  This man had only met me once before and did not know about my mission work, or my current goal of raising support.  The ONLY way he could have known that I needed this word, was if it was a word from the Lord. 

So please be praying for our family.  Pray that God would reveal to us His plan for our provision.  Pray for wisdom for us that we can recognize areas where God is calling us to take action to enact His plan. 

In addition to praying for our family, you can pray for the Adventures in Missions organization.

Please be praying for the short-term ministry of Adventures in Missions.  Pray that God would be working in the hearts of those whom He has called, but have not yet committed, that they would have the faith to respond “YES” to His call.

Pray specifically for the Ambassador program.  It is my desire to rebuild the Ambassador program to reach more teenagers in the coming years.  I know that teenagers are not well known (in general) for planning ahead, so it is my prayer that once Christmas break is over, more teenagers will start looking ahead to the summer, and that we will see a huge surge in sign-ups after the first of the year.  Please join me in that prayer!

I have 2 upcoming trips, one to Puerto Rico in February and one to New York, New York in March.  Please be praying that God would be working in the hearts of those participants and preparing them for the work that He plans to do IN them, and THROUGH them on their trips.  Pray for the New York trip that God would bring the right person as a co-leader for that trip. 

Lastly, we are currently in the early planning stages of a Beauty for Ashes (women’s) retreat here in Port Angeles in the spring.  Please be praying that God will help us to sort through all of the details for that and that He would be working even now in the hearts of those who He is calling to that ministry.