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Greetings dear friends.
What a first quarter off the year it has been. Firstly, I would like to apologize for being slow in working on my blog, but the good news is, I have finally been able to work on it, so thankful to a friend in Eswatini that has assisted me.
Dear friends thank you so much for loving me, thank you for supporting me and my family, thank you for prayers, thank you for your patience.
I ended the year last year recovering after having a big surgery, I really thank God for prayers to those who were aware and supported. You are such a big blessing in my life and my family, we really appreciate you so much, actually we regard you as our family.
My husband is doing very well, my daughter is on school break and she is doing grade 4 and hyperactive as always.
With ministry everything is going well, there are so many changes in terms of implementing things that will be effective and impactful, change is hard but very necessary for growth. Honestly I dont like it but as a leader I have grown to understand that is important. On my next blog i will surely share a bit more.
I am very hopeful that this message will reach you in good health and covered under the grace of God.