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We have been working on getting our house ready to sell for what feels like an eternity, but, we are in the final steps/days before we list and leave for 5 weeks to FL & GA. New years weekend we officially moved into our 43ft house on wheels, surprisingly, Hudson had the hardest time the first night, poor little guy just cried at the door wanting to go into the house, but has done well since. The more we settle in, the more I have to get rid of. My eyes have been bigger than my space these past months as I was planning what we would take and leave behind, but Im staying positive in the fact that simple living will be great, less to pick up and keep clean… at least thats the hope. Mitch still says we have too much, Im sure he’s probably right (don’t tell him that though). All in all the adjustment has been going well and we are excited for this journey the Lord has put us on.

We leave Jan 12th for Fort Myers FL, there we will attend a disaster relief training led by CRR (Crises Relief and Recovery). While the kids get to spend the weekend swimming at Nana and Papas new Florida home. After the training weekend we will work with the team in Harlem Heights until we have to head up to Gainsville GA for a Short Term Missions Leadership training at the Adventures in Missions main head quarters. We are so stoked to learn from great leadership at both places and cant wait to see how God uses this time to lead us to grow his kingdom.