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We are not promised a smooth journey but we are promised a safe destination.

One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 40:31. I have loved this verse since my senior year in college when it was our theme verse for the year and up in the gym they had a huge banner above the basketball net that simply said “Fly, Run, Walk.”

These words have always reminded me and encouraged me to keep moving. Not because I don’t believe in sitting still and resting, but because I know that even though we can stop moving, time is still moving, life is still moving, and God is still moving.

So much of what I love about life involves moving around in it, exploring, traveling, etc. If I don’t have a trip planned somewhere to anticipate traveling somewhere, I am working on one.  But we all know journeys, adventures, and trips aren’t always easy. In fact, adventure is defined as an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks: the encountering of risks. This begs the question; if it was easy would it be as fun?

Being with Adventures in Missions is going to allow me to continue to scratch that itch. They have really shown me that our options are limitless with the number of mission trips available, domestically and internationally. Working around the globe with longstanding partnerships ensures our trips connect with a broader vision and purpose that meets the needs of the community served.

These experiences of connecting not only with the places but with the people on the trips themselves are some of what I anticipate being a part of. Until, like any other missionary, I am fully funded, then this will be possible. It’s a lot like the planning of the trip. I am anticipating while raising funds and partners, and then one day, hopefully soon, I will be going.  Putting my trust in my relationship with Jesus, I know I am not promised this journey to be smooth, but God has promised me a safe destination

This is why life, in general, can be defined as an adventure. There are truly unknown risks around every corner, as we wait with hope and anticipation, seeking, planning and then going out on adventures of our own. Our unique faith journeys allow us to fly, run, and walk.