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Two Week Roadtrip

From Maine I travelled through the Northeast and into New Jersey where timing was perfect for me to meetup with family for lunch. It was so sweet to get to share this time with them after not seeing them in a year. 

After filling up and fueling up in New Jersey, I continued the trek South to meet up with some of my World Race friends for the weekend. First, I stopped just outside Richmond, Virginia. Here I spent the night and visited with Sarah-Katherine one of the sweetest gals I’ve ever met. She just recently bought a house and I was able to tour it and check out her neighborhood as we caught up on what the last year has been like for each of us. 

Then I headed out in time to make it to North Carolina for my friend Anna-Stewart’s Barbie Birthday Bash. I dressed up as work-out Barbie and sported my home gym, Miller Fitness! Before the party, Claire and I were able to reconnect over a quick bite to eat right down the street. I was able to stay in NC with Anna-Stewart for two nights! This was lovely because I got to really know her friends, attend church and enjoy her community. 


When I left A-Stew, I headed back North to Virginia to meet-up with more family at my cousin Olivia’s house. One of my favorite people to hangout with in all the world, my cousin Ryan, was also there! We were able to hang out and go out for a few nice evenings. We even were able to take a tour through Washington D.C., which was great because I have never been there before! In D.C. we viewed the White House, Capitol Hill, and The Washington Monument. There was a lot of walking involved in this excursion. It was additionally special because we got a tour of the Capitol Building from one of my friends, Jacob. I met him in Romania during my time on the World Race. He’s from the U.S. and is currently working in D.C. for a U.S. congressman.


After our day in D.C., I departed Virginia to travel back further North for more family visits. I made it to Stewartstown, Pennsylvania where I visited with my God-Parents, My Great Uncle Paul & Aunt Marlene. They live in the beautiful farm hill country along with their son Nathan, his wife Karen, and their two beautiful children Emmaline & Hanley. It was great to be able to finally see their homestead for the first time! 

The following day, we travelled up to New Jersey for a cousin’s high school graduation party. This was such a lovely day to see a large group of my family. Many Aunts, Uncles and cousins were there. I usually only see these family members every few years so seeing them was such a sweet treat! That night we returned back to Pennsylvania.

On July 2nd, I made the 8 hour drive back to North Carolina where I again met up with Anna-Stewart and her friends for the 4th of July! We stayed out at her lake house and it was such a lovely couple of days. I was able to really work on my tan, watch the sunsets go down over the lake, and enjoy my time with them. This set me up well to complete the final stint of my roadtrip down to Ft. Myers, Florida on July 5th. 


I still had to drive over ten hours to make it to Ft. Myers. From NC, I travelled through Savannah, GA and stopped to have lunch on the riverwalk in the historic district. It was so cool because I had never been to Savannah and many people ask me if I have been there since that’s my name. Now I can say I have and that I think it’s lovely! 


After a few hours touring Savannah, I headed toward Jacksonville, FL for a dinner date with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Brian! I haven’t seen them for a year either so it was nice to catch up and talk about our most recent travels, family and other stories. 

I landed my head on a Hilton Hotel pillow in Orlando, FL that night in company with my Aunt Jenn, Uncle Greg and cousin Patrick. They were staying there to celebrate my Aunt Jenn’s Birthday. I loved the opportunity to visit them, enjoy the hotel pool and lazy river before finally heading to Ft. Myers on July 6th. 

Getting to see so many family members and friends made all of the driving worthwhile.

I am now in Ft. Myers, I’d say I am excited to lead others to experience God in new ways, for the freedom of lifestyle in this new role to travel more and to focus on the heart of what matters – the people in my life. I saw this beautiful rainbow on my first night here and I have to believe it was from the Lord to remind me of His love and promise for me to be here. 

Though this might seem like just a roadtrip to some, it has been very special to me. I have been able to share what I am doing with so many and I have even been able to invite some into partnership in the work I will be doing. Loving people well is always a priority and a ministry in itself. 

I will be leading groups from around the country in rebuilding projects throughout the next four weeks. It is going to be a busy time, think summer camp but the objective is helping people. I’ll be leading and organizing on a daily basis in everything from making breakfast to ministry activities, to lunch breaks, afternoon work, dinner, worship, debrief and next day plans. 

I am currently at 50% of my Fundraising goal for Adventures in Missions and I am thankful to everyone who has chosen to partner with me and the work I am doing with Adventures in Missions. Please be praying for all of the hands and feet God is bringing to Ft. Myers and that the work would be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Praising God for this life and this next season!