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Still Waiting… – September Update

Hi everyone! I waited until the last day of September to post our September Update in the hopes that we would be able to share about the arrival of our baby girl. But, she is taking her sweet time so we will have to wait until next month. Our first ‘Welcome to Parenting’ moment as she is not following the schedule we had hoped for 🙂

– In the past month, we have launched two squads to the field (one 11 month and one 2 month trip) and in October, we will launch 3 Gap Year squads (9 month trips). It’s exciting to see so many young men/women following God’s call and going to the nations! It can be stressful though wrapping up all of the final details and making sure everything is good to go before they launch to the field, especially for the staff in Georgia as they balance training the new racers and also getting their jobs done!

– Our plan when the baby comes is to take 2 weeks to just focus on being with our new baby and settling into the new rhythms of parenting. We would definitely appreciate prayers that we would just be able to stay present and focus on bonding with our little one, and that we would not be distracted by all that we need to do as the DR comes closer and closer.

– After those two weeks, we plan to ramp things back up in terms of Spanish learning and in meeting with potential supporters. We’re halfway to our support goal with about 6-7 months left to meet with people before we leave. Please pray that God would lead us to those who He would have us meet with and that we would find more people who are passionate about seeing the Gospel go out to all peoples! 

– The last update I want to talk about is one of our neighbors. He recently found out he has cancer and we’ve had some conversations with him where he seems to be reflecting on his life and thinking about the future. Just really wrestling with his past and what’s going to happen to him in the future…We’ve had some great God conversations with him, but would just appreciate prayers that we would be able to have some more time with him to really hear his story and get to truly share the Gospel with him… That it isn’t about what he has or hasn’t done in life, but rather whether or not he willing to ask God for forgiveness and accept Jesus into his heart as LORD and Savior. 

That’s a quick little September update on our end! Please let us know if there is anything we can be praying for in your own life! Next month, we will be sure to post stories and pictures about our little baby! Thanks for following…


Cal & Courtney