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Last May my training trip to be a mission leader was to Chicago with a group from Calhoun Christian School in Battle Creek, MI. This Friday I’m headed back to Chicago to lead the same school on their 2024 trip. It will be different students, but the same leaders. Last year, I was a trainee on this trip. This year I’ll be training a new project leader. What an amazing God we serve that He would equip and enable me in such a way to move from learning to teaching in just one year and that He would allow me to do so with the same group! You can read about that trip here:

The group leader is just as excited to work with me again as I am to work with them. Last year’s trip was amazing, and I have high hopes for this year. We’ll be staying at the same church, but we have a new ministry partner that we’ll be working with for the day-to-day ministry opportunities. The new ministry partner appears to be a spirit-filled charismatic congregation, so I am excited to see how God is going to work in and through this team to reach the people of Chicago.

The city of Chicago is home to more than 3 million people. Almost 18% of residents live below the poverty rate, there are 40,000 refugees living in temporary shelters, a fatal drug overdose occurs every 3 hours, and drug use affects more than 40% of teens. Chicago is a city in need!

Please be in prayer for my trainee and myself, and especially for the students of Calhoun Christian School as we take the love of Jesus into the city. Pray that the Lord would lead us in our ministry and that He would work through this team in powerful ways to make Himself known in the city of Chicago.

Thank you for supporting me in this ministry! I look forward to sharing with you all of the mighty things that God is going to do next week. Stay tuned!