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When it comes to God’s character, he is predictable.

When it comes to how God is, he is unpredictable.

When I was younger I used to dream and pray that my future job would have something to do with traveling. As Doug and I started a family, and then we traveled the road of the cancer diagnosis, I tucked my dream away and my prayers changed. Little did I know that the adventure my life has been was bringing me back to those hopes and prayers of the younger me.

Today, I took this group of “trades” guys from our church to the airport as they headed out to Chile for a missions trip(that’s me on the left). We are finishing a church build in a small remote town in the outskirts of Santiago. Our church leadership has asked Doug and myself to be a big part of the “missions vision” for our church going forward. SO we said very un-fearfully, YES!  In addition, in early March Doug and I are going to work with Adventures in Missions in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). At the end of April I am leading a group of 30 from our church on an Adventures in Missions trip to Puerto Rico. Later this year we will hopefully find ourselves in Thailand and Cambodia.

Every day I am on the phone with many many parents who have connected with Adventures in Missions because they visited their child on a Parent Vision Trip. I get to ask every day what God has been doing in their life and make sure there is a place for them to continue their journey with us as long as they need. This may look like them partnering with us by doing more trips themselves, taking their church on a trip, giving of the talent they have, sharing with others about their walk with God, and even how they can continue to partner with us with their ability to give financially.

In the same way that I work with the Development team, I cannot do my work without your support. I would love to talk with you about how you and I can continue to partner together somehow. I would love to discover how you can un-fearfully say YES to a wonderful faith growing outward and inward experience in your own life.

I am really looking forward to this next year of how much God has me (and Doug) traveling places to do the work for HIM! The few I listed, I pray that it is just the beginning!



  • Genesis 21:17 
  • Psalm 16:7-9 
  • Jeremiah 51:46 
  • Isaiah 12:2 – Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.’
  • Isaiah 54:4
  • Luke 1:13 
  • Matthew 17:7 
  • Zechariah 8:15